Balticovo BIO eggs


A distinctive design was created to communicate and highlight the key differences between organic and regular eggs. The core idea – packaging as a basket of fresh eggs.

The packaging type in it's essence communicates of a small household production – human care and special attitude – just as the person himself would've went to the barn and picked the fresh eggs in the basket for this morning's breakfast.

In Latvia in large supermarkets organic eggs are available only recently, therefore, it was important to give this packaging an educational edge. The key to the graphic solution is to explain the menu of the chickens and the fact that this is the key reason what makes these eggs so highly valuable. What they eat is what we end up eating as well. 

Additionally, the graphics are created with high attention to detail in order to represent the daily care for the chickens and high quality of the eggs. The inside of the sleeve explains further details about the farmer and the whole path from farm to the table.

/ core idea

/ core idea

A BASKET OF FRESH EGGS, representing the human care and special attitude